Stone Ridge Farm’s tack room at Spruce was nicer than most people’s houses

Each year, riders venture to Calgary’s Spruce Meadows Horse Show event to compete in the tough and thrilling summer series. This year, with four weeks of competition, riders get set up and comfortable for a month in the city of Calgary, Alberta. Most riders rent houses and establish a level of normalcy when so often they are attending shows for no longer than four or five days and living out of hotel rooms. One of the perks, among many, of getting traveling to Spruce Meadows for the annual summer series, is the ability to set up your tack room the way you’d like it.  Riders and barn managers alike get to create a home-away-from-home in the stables of Spruce Meadows, which helps a lot when the weather takes a turn. This year, Stone Ridge Farm, made notable by Canada’s lovable sisters Bretton and Kara Chad, went over and above to outshine everyone else. With a comfortable set up for all four weeks, this tack room was lovely enough to sleep in. Now that’s how you set up for summer.